Founder member of Throbbing Gristle, Chris Carter’s first release in 17 years is a must-hear for electronica fans.

Carter’s place in the development of electronica was never in doubt. He not only makes the music, but also the equipment on which it is made having been credited with the invention and production of, for example, the home-soldered Gristleizer along with other ground-breaking electronics without which his sound may have been lost.
Blissters is taken from the album Chemistry Lessons vol 1, a 25-track opus, the product of six years of work in his home studio. The influence, Carter says, is “definitely ‘60s radiophonic”, but is also informed by the death in 2010 of former Gristler Sleazy Christopherson.

Chris Carter’s Chemistry Lessons volume 1 is out on March 30. Pre-order here. Follow @chris_carter_

Picture by Cosi Fanni Tutti

words by @johnnydobbo