It’s rare that a song pops up on the radio and provides the same sensation as a size ten Dr. Marten boot in the stomach, but that’s precisely the effect that Slow Fade by Peggy Sue had.

Maybe it was the lazily lilting guitar reminiscent of a nothing-much-to-do day on a tropical island, or the bass guitar suddenly arriving out of nowhere. Maybe instead it was the surly vocals urging us to “slow…slow it down” in a drawl befitting an impending siesta.
Peggy Sue have, it would seem, been around for quite some time although this is their first release in a while. If Slow Fade is anything to go by, their forthcoming new long player should be excellent and a trawl through the back catalogue will be inevitable.

Slow Fade is out on January 12. Get it here. Find them on Facebook

words by @JohnyNocash