Yet another act brought to our attention by the good folk at Come Play With Me, the singles club specialising in the best of West Yorkshire.

ZoZo are DIYers from Leeds who have a new EP coming soon having recorded at MJ’s semi-legendary Suburban Home studios from which NoNo is taken. It takes a lot for us to accept saxophone in modern music, but here it’s used in more of a Roxy Music sense and we can get on board with that. Elsewhere, the track reminds us of several things, none of which immediately leap to mind, which is both a clever trick and excruciatingly annoying.
As well as appearing on the EP, NoNo will lead off Come Play With Me’s first compilation LP. With the quality they’ve managed to unearth over the last couple of years, that should be a must-buy for us all.

A Bitter Gourd is out on Hatch Records in November. Find ZoZo on Facebook.