New music from our good friends the Ceiling Demons. The alternative hip-hoppers from the north of Yorkshire follow up the EP Belly Of The Hopeless with a belting long-player.

Twin brothers Dan and Psy continue to take on the subject of suicide among men having been affected by it at a young age. “In our time, depression and suicide litter the land like the broken bottles under our feet. Anxiety and detachment leave us feeling like ghosts. We turn to methods to cope, in bad habits and goodbyes” they say.
This is where the album, Nil, comes from. “[It’s] a┬ánarrative album riddled with dualities, explor[ing] the light and dark in themes of nature and an all-or-nothing view of existence. Conflicting emotions are delivered through introspective wordplay that gets cast like occultist spells over soundscapes that move from the hauntingly raw to the beautifully sparse. Marching through the ups and downs, the dreams and nightmares, it is a record that searches the void to find it masked by opposites, where all can be found in nothing.”
Lyrically, the brothers display a maturity way beyond their years. Musically, it’s deeper and richer than their earlier work. This is exemplary work.

Nil is out on September 22 and they’ll be playing UK dates throughout autumn, including their first trip to that London. Follow @ceilingdemons

Photo by Delphine Ruston