A new record from Andrew Weatherall is always something to be relished, and after hiding away for so long, this comes relatively hot on the heels of the excellent Convenanza.

The album opens with Evidence The New Enemy and it’s welcoming hellos and throwbacks to his Sabres Of Paradise era (an era that never really ended at the BoF office, to be honest).
The album, Qualia, takes inspiration from writers Patrick Modiano and David Keenan, with track titles taken from works of both; The Black Notebook from the former and This Is Memorial Device from the latter. Weatherall explains thus: “Whatever your leanings, the music on Qualia is the result of images, feelings and thought processes stirred up by Monsieur Modiano and Mister Keenan channeled through the medium of a sonic notebook—in itself the memoir of somebody else’s life/fiction. My own black notebooks, like Jean’s [Modiano’s protagonist] stir the silt of memory and birth as many mysteries as memories. They also provided the track titles.”

Qualia is out on September 29 on Höga Nord.

Photo by Paul Grace.