Husband and wife duo Ummagma make no bones about their fondness of and inspiration therefrom The Cocteau Twins. And so it is a huge honour for them to have Robin Guthrie breathe on their latest track.

“Lama exists in an alternate dimension of ambient drifts and sonic textures that wash over you in gentle waves and then recede back into a sonorous, twilight world of fading vapour trails of sound and vocals, seemingly found between reality and possibility”, the press release reads. “This is a sound that Guthrie and his fellow Cocteau Twins helped to pioneer and evolve throughout the ’80s – a sound that still informs much of his work, though here, his trademark feedback drenched guitar sound is used more to shimmer rather than shatter, to chime rather than slash.”
It’s such a pleasant, lilting track with vocalist Shauna MacLarnon in full Liz Fraser mode. File it under dream-pop, shoegaze… whatever. It’s just great summer listening.

The track appears on the EP LCD which is out on September 22. Get it ordered here. Follow @ummagma