A ten-minuter from Beijing for your Friday banger this week, a first taste of what’s to come in Re-TROS’s debut UK album, Before The Applause.

Their full name is Rebuilding The Rights Of Statues and they are quite the thing in China’s post-punk scene. 8+2+8 II is inspired by Steve Reich’s Clap Music, though singer/guitarist Hua Dong also cites Television, Pere Ubu as influences alongside more obvious post-punk icons like New Order and Bauhaus.
Hua Dong spent years studying in Germany and the lyrics to 8+2+8 II are in German. “We wanted to make it in the simplest and most direct way without too many unnatural sounds,” he explained to The Quietus. “It’s hard to say what this song is about. The lyrics, talk about three scenes – a boy burning videotapes, a pink flag burned in a museum and a wheel burning in a square. They are all related to burning.”

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