It’s Yorkshire Day, we’re based in Yorkshire, so let’s take the time to celebrate one of Yorkshire’s finest bands; Fold have a new EP on the way.

Based in Leeds, albeit with American Seth Mowshowitz leading the project, Fold’s previous work has seen them take a range of unusual samples – from Bruce Lee to Malcolm X and all points between – and set them to their trademark jazz/funk style with an AV show to match at live events.
The new EP, also called Written In The Sky, which comes out on September 22 features live singing for the first time with a number of guest vocalists lending their talents to the record.
The band continue to create with an eye on advancing equality and unity. In an early announcement of the new record, they said “We focus on those who have suffered the most at the hands of others. We do not pretend to speak for any movement but as artists we recognise and act upon the importance of prioritising narratives such as #blacklivesmatter in media output in order to effect change. In light of recent events the urgency of these narratives has never been greater.”

Get your order in for the EP here. Follow @foldfm