We’re fans of Toy round here. And we’re fans of TVAM. So when mutual label Heavenly brought the two together, we should have liked the outcome.

And, of course, we did. Joe Oxley, the man behind TVAM, said in a press release “It was really cool to be asked to remix Dream Orchestrator. It has this great, never-ending chord sequence; one of those which keeps reaching higher and higher and never lets up. This, along with the nifty arpeggios, I just couldn’t say no. I think I pictured the band walking along a launch pad gantry, waving at crowds and smiling politely.It seemed fitting to set them up and let them take it from there.”
The original track is taken from Toy’s third album, Clear Shot, which came out last autumn. It took us a while to get into that one, as opposed to the first two, but this has prompted us to go back and re-evaluate.

The track is out now, available from everywhere you’d expect. Follow @_TVAM and/or @thebandtoy