Pulco is dead. Long live Chow Mwng.

Our friend Ash Cooke, previously Pulco, has a new project. Avant garde doesn’t quite do it justice. Allow him to explain in his manifesto:
“The father of pop art, Eduardo Paolozzi, famously said that all human experience is one big collage, an accumulation of unrelated images culled from a wide variety of sources.
Liverpool painter/poet Adrian Henri also embraced the notion of an art that used collage in music/painting/poetry as a structural device to express the disjointed experience of modern life.
‘the pop artist stands with one foot in the gallery and one foot in the supermarket’
Pop art used the imagery of popular culture to challenge the definition of high and low art. It also challenged the validity of art itself.
Pop music should do this too.
For me music/visual art & poetry have always been about how far a piece of work can be pushed outside of its expected boundaries and about finding new ways to experiment using found sounds/images and minimal means to produce work that draws upon the immediate world around me.
In recent years a growing interest in collage and improvisation have also become important to both my music and art making process.
Building on this idea of art as autobiographical collage I want my new music to be a mixture of noise, found sound and dysfunctional guitar playing that reflects, in the spirit of traditional pop art practice, the post internet world of jumbled mass media/ junk culture TV and social media that now surrounds us and how the listener responds to the experience.
The human ear learns to block out unwanted or extraneous sound but imagine if that function didn’t work and your brain had to face the reality of trying to deal with all surrounding noise on the same level. I hear music like that”

It makes for a unique and challenging listen, a departure from Pulco that warrants the name change.

The album ULOT-CA is out now and comes with a book of poetry and a collage. Follow @Chowmwng