Chester-based trio The Immediate have their debut LP ready to launch and, as a taster, offer us a free sample of what lies within.

The immediate thought (no pun intended, honest) on listening to Not Shabby, the lead track from the album Manbuoy, is that 1990s Julian Cope hasn’t gone away. This could be the Archdrude circa Saint Julian and that, from this writer, is among the highest possible praise. Among the influences they cite are Teenage Fanclub and again that much shows through. Put simply, this is really high level indie-pop.
The album, they say, is “he culmination of a 25 year old dream. It’s an album fuelled by friendship, love, divorce, breakdowns, political upheaval and minor chord optimism.” There’s a video telling their story so far here.

They’re giving Not Shabby away for nowt as well. Rude not to. Follow @the_immediate