More rap from the North-East? We really are being spoiled. Having released the EP Absurdism back in 2014, the collaboration between Middlesbrough’s Jister and Leeds producer The Lion Ranger now sees a full-length LP.

The fact the it took so long to bear fruit is largely down to TLR’s perfectionism. While Jister may have been agitating to release as soon as possible, he’s always keen to make the best record possible. And this shows. JLTR is incredibly polished, albeit not over-produced.
We feature Vicarious Life, a track that contrasts the mundanity of day-to-day life with cultural references. Jister explained to Narc magazine: “When I listen to a rapper’s album, I like to get into their head. When people listen to this I want them to hear what’s going on in my head. When he was good, Eminem used to be a king at that. It was mental but it was his own brand of mental. I don’t want to listen to you saying what every other rapper has already said. Haway, man, I’ve heard it all before.”

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Photo by Nick Wesson