I’m not saying we’re not with it, but it’s only the story that despite proving quite popular with iTunes listeners that this isn’t going to be played on the official chart show that even made us aware of it.

We understand why the BBC would seek to avoid broadcasting overtly political messages in the run-up to a General Election. Indeed, we’d go further. The only boas the BBC is guilty of is confirmation bias. The right claim it’s too left-wing, the left that it’s too right. And if that is so, then it must be doing a pretty good job.
Anyway, in the ensuing farrago, our big fear was that the track itself would be a bit of a bust – a novelty, a backfiring bit of bluster. But no, it’s actually quite good. And this utter shambles of a politician needs a metaphorical kicking. It’s actually been quite impressive the way she’s managed to completely fuck up a campaign started at her own instigation.

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The election is on Thursday. Let’s get rid of them, eh?