Minneapolis-based MC Astronautalis returns with a new track, his first since the release of his fifth LP Cut The Body Loose just over a year ago.

Andy Bothwell is Astronautalis and teams up with Canadian beatmaker Factor Chandelier on The Dirt Bike, a song based on a dream about finding a dirtbike in Syria.
Speaking to Exclaim!, Bothwell explained: “A few weeks after the Russians entered the war in Syria, I came across a slickly edited HD video shot by Russian drones flying through the skeletons of what was left of cities like Damascus and Aleppo. I had never seen anything like that. I was obsessed with this footage. It seemed impossible to imagine that it was real, and not something from a videogame, or a movie about a distant planet in a war torn galaxy.
Around the same time, I had bought a used dirt bike from some kid. A Yamaha YZ 450F. It is a wild little bike with too much torque. Compared to my giant Harley, it felt like I was breaking a horse trying to learn how to ride in my free time.
And one night, during that weird period of my lifeā€¦ I had this dream.”

The Dirt Bike is available from all the usual places. Follow @astronautalis