After three albums in three years, Dundee’s Fat Goth took a break for a few years. Now they are back with Enorme! and we have a track from it.

Frontman Fraser Stewart describes Enorme! as their angriest record yet with the socio-political climate fuelling the ire. “We live in a world where sociopolitical discourse, injustice and prejudices are rife and appear to increase on a daily basis, resulting in such dire circumstances becoming ‘the norm’ and subsequent headlines being met with continual indifference and fatigue,” Stewart explains. “Thanks to social media, we all have a platform where we can spout our outrage and condemn the things we see as wrong, but when everyone is doing the exact same and simply preaching to their respective choirs, there is no debate, no engagement and ultimately no resolve. We fight amongst ourselves allowing hatred and ignorance to cloud our judgement while those responsible continue to fly high and way out of reach of significant scrutiny and accountability. Thematically this is what Enorme! attempts to illustrate.”
It’s a great ride. Strap in.

Enorme! is out now. Follow @fatgoth