We’re a bit harmless, us developers. Or at least I thought we were. However, I don’t live in a city where the entire demographic has been changed by a mass influx. Seattle has and The Gods Themselves are going to tell us about it.

It seems that where, for example, Manchester’s Northern Quarter is overrun by graphic designers in red trousers, Seattle is with stereotype hipster code jockeys. Bands including Nail Polish, Childbirth and Tacocat have all had their say on the phenomenon. The Gods Themselves say “Tech Boys have infested Seattle. Baritone guitarist Dustin Patterson had a first hand experience during a brief stint at Amazon, one of many tech empires in the Emerald City. The town is flooded with these high paid, aloof, coder kids. They are stylish and sporty yet glib. They work overtime and drink heavily. Entitlement is their motto. The tech boy invasion has pushed many of the artists out of town due to jacked up rents and although we enjoy the surge in competitive gourmet artisan coffee houses and food trucks, we are pretty bitter towards these cats.”
And I guess that’s fair enough. And it’s a really catchy track, so go on then.

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For the record, this writer, a coder type, has no moustache, is neither sporty nor stylish, works zero overtime and is not highly paid. I must be doing it wrong.