Italogaze, they call it. A resurgence of shoegaze on the peninsula, but with it’s own unique stylings. And Catania four-piece Clustersun are at the forefront of the movement.

There are elements of psychedelia and krautrock in this, more than there ever was back in the 1990s in Britain. Raw Nerve is taken from the forthcoming second album from Clustersun, Surfacing To Breath, following on from their 2014 debut. The time away has seen them take on a more experimental feel and those experiments appear to have produced good, repeatable results.
“This album is way fuzzier, more powerful, dynamic, edgy than the debut. Sounds were layered to build a dense, but articulated, sonic wall,” explains guitarist Mario Lo Faro. “Also we recorded the songs from ‘Surfacing to Breathe’ while we were touring so they retain that “live” vibe and power, while ‘Out of Your Ego’ had more ethereal and “light” tracks.”

Surfacing To Breathe is out on May 19. Order it here. Follow @CLUSTERSUN