A departure of sorts for brothers Psy and Dan in their Ceiling Demon guise as live instrumentation underpins their new track, March Forward.

We’ve been fans of the Demons for a while, their refreshing and perhaps surprisingly mature take on difficult subjects – depression, loss, suicide – marking them out as something different. Also, they do it over cracking beats and are top lads.
“Driven by the warm sound of brass,” goes the press release, “March Forward marks the transition of the seasons as the death of winter is reborn into spring.” The brothers¬†“go through an emotive journey of loss and acceptance. Recognition of our own mortality and inner struggles is interspersed with an uplifting message which, ultimately, offer a sense of hope.” Nailed it, to be fair.

The track features on NARC magazine’s compilation 11, available here, and will be out as a single on April 28. Follow @CeilingDemons