Andy Falkous has a fourth chapter of his side-project Christian Fitness in the offing. And by way of preview, he’s put a track out on the social media.

The new album is called Slap Bass Hunks and the bass is indeed very prominent. The blurb alongside the track says “it’s been a strange year, what with Brexit, Mcexit(Steve McClaren from both Newcastle and Derby), Trump, death and now, impending fatherhood (for me at least, don’t know about you).

with that in mind I present ‘bruce hated puppies.’

no, you fuck off.

Impending fatherhood, it seems, hasn’t changed the man at all.
As ever, Falkous is keen to point out that this isn’t a solo project. Just that it’s not Future Of The Left. Top track, and if┬áhistory teaches us anything, so will the rest of the album.

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