Anyone described by their label as sounding “like a mix of The Undertones (if Fergal Sharkey dropped acid instead of drinking Tizer), Slade and Protex” is going to get our attention. And so it comes to pass that Pale Kids’ new record enters our consciousness.

From Durham, Pale Kids are four-piece punk-garage outfit with an EP out this week. We feature Prayer List, the title inspired by a line in Jeanette Winterson’s Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit: When my mother heard about this, she was furious, and she crossed Nellie off her prayer list. My dad put her on his instead, so she didn’t miss out.”
The track itself is more to do with illness, accepting the help of others and getting rid of the negativity of toxic friendships. Moreover, it’s really good.

Holy Mess is tomorrow; get it from bandcamp. Follow @palekidsdurham