First off, great name. And as the name suggests, this is busting out of the small Welsh market town which is twinned with Belleville, Michigan. And as you all know, that is the birthplace of Detroit techno.

The EP MSM2 is out now, following on from the debut MSM1, and we reckon you can see what’s going on there. What we get served up is some proper modern techno.
As the label, Recordiau, say: “The chance discovery that Belleville – the birthplace of Detroit techno – is twinned with the rural Welsh market town of Machynlleth, led to the creation of MACHYNLLETH SOUND MACHINE. On this second EP we learn that legendary Welsh underground revolutionary Owain Glyndwr (OG) didn’t die after all, but was instead elevated into deep space where he and Sun Ra communed on a higher plane before crashing back down to earth in 1983 just when Model 500 was getting going.”

Get MSM2 now from bandcamp.