They said they were done. They’re not.

After the release of the LP Wonky, Phil and Paul Hartnoll went their separate ways. Again. Phil went off DJing here, there and everywhere while Paul did some soundtracks and released the album 8:58 to no little acclaim and an LP with Vince Clarke. Time apart seems to have healed the rift and ahead of festival season and some live gigs comes a new record.
At the time of their last split, Paul said: “Orbital had stopped working properly. We had a great four years since getting back together in 2008, but it was time to move on. “I tried to turn Phil into me, and that drove us both mad,” he admits. “Now it’s just, be yourself. Be you. So far, it’s working brilliantly. It’s really good to be talking and working together again.” We are all eternally grateful for that.

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